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 Shi Sutoraiku

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PostSubject: Shi Sutoraiku   Tue May 03, 2011 8:27 pm

Name: Shi Sutoraiku

Age: 190(looks 19)

Gender: Male

Race: Shinigami

He has a light skin tone, with brown eyes. He has Shoulder length brown hair always worn down. He stands at 5'6 and weighs 113 pounds. Skinny muscular build, never really seen because he always wears his uniform. He has a necklace with a claddagh ring on it.(a claddagh ring is a ring where there are two hands holding a heart in the middle of them.)His Zanpaktou is worn like Toshiro, on his back.

When not in uniform he wears blue straight-fit jeans, a t-shirt, usually a band t-shirt, and a zip up hoodie. From time to time he even dons headphones around his neck. When exercising or training, he doesnt where a shirt so he is more exposed to the elements. His body has scarring all over from his years in the military in his human life.


Shi is very kind, he looks for the good in everybody, even if hes stabbed in the back he'll forgive them.He always seems to have a smile. He hates seeing people in pain and therefore will do anything to see the pain go away from the people he cares about. He is clumsy when around attractive women and always ends up making a fool of himself. Though when the time comes to be serious the clumsiness subsides. He tries to keep to himself but he has a tendency to pry into other peoples affairs, giving him a bad reputation of an eavesdropper.

He is never quite sure of himself though. Always thinking if what he's doing is right. He tries to show mercy when he fights, one of his biggest flaws. From time to time though, he has a strong lust for violence and when that happens he'll strike anything with out being provoked. These urges usually end in him hurting people he cares about or himself, after this happens he goes into a depression.Only after he is forgiven will he cheer up.

Shi grew up in a small town outside of Kyoto. His father Shinji was a soldier in the Japanese military and way rarely home. His mother Emiko was always home caring for Shi. Emiko taught Shi about lots of things from basic reading and writing to some fighting tactics. He had no other family other than them.

When Shi was 11 his house was raided by the Japanese military looking for his father who was supposed to be on a mission but went AWOL(Absent without leave). Emiko tried to keep them out of the house, one of the soldiers panicked and shot her. Shortly after the soldiers left, leaving Shi with his wounded mother. Later that night his mother died and now Shi was an orphan. He met plenty of friends while in the orphanage but sooner or later they would find families and leave. When he turned 19 he also joined the military like is father.

While in the military he found himself to be faster and slightly stronger than most other soldiers. Hearing voices in the night and also seeing people walking around. One night he saw his father walking around in the Barracks of where Shi was staying, where his father told him that he had died. His own comrades killed him due a rumor spread that he was a traitor. After Shi confronted his commanding officer about this his Commanding officer ordered him to leave, as he was leaving he was shot and killed.

Shortly after death he showed promise in the Soul Society, he was gifted so it seemed. After a few years, making it through the academy, He left with the knowledge he needed to keep those around him safe. After many attempts, and failures he finally was able to communicate with his zanpaktou. Achieving shikai before most of his classmate, he was proud of himself.

Now, he practices everyday to perfect his shikai and also to make it into 11th squad, where he hopes to battle the captain, not for the title, but to see how he can go up against such an amazing force. Still though he practices with those on a similar level with him.

Hopefully the history isnt to much
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PostSubject: Re: Shi Sutoraiku   Tue May 03, 2011 8:46 pm

No its perfect. I liked the history and Everythings awesome


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Shi Sutoraiku
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