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 Xerox And His Past.

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PostSubject: Xerox And His Past.   Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:03 pm


"The Devil Of Life."




He constantly wears a menacing black hood. He wears something like this:
Xerox's Coat
He has silvery hair that goes down to his back and favors the sword or whip weapons.

He acts as if nothing in existence is important other than his revenge. He hates the man Xeron. His brother who had killed him after forcing him to undergo Hollowfication. He was left dead in an underground training area that was created to release Xerox's inner Hollow, Xemnas. The only thing that he shows any emotion to other than Xeron, is his Zanpakuto Larxene. He almost never follows orders unless they will either directly or indirectly help him in his goal to kill his brother. He and Xeron share the same type of relationship as Sasuke Uchiha and Itachi Uchiha from Naruto.

OOC: Just a warning, this will be a somewhat long history.

At Xerox's 15 birthday, his brother Xeron told him that he had a special surprise. Xerox followed his brother into a large training arena. Xeron had somehow disappeared... Just as Xerox was about to leave and go back to his party, he felt a needle in his arm. He blanked out...

RP sample
I found myself floating in a whirlpool of darkness, but saw something in the distance. It was a woman... She had straight blond hair and was wearing a black coat (OOC: The same coat that I listed in Appearance) When I floated over to her she smiled as she saw me and said "Will you wake us up?" I nodded and she said soothingly "Then call out my name Xerox." I nodded and smiled as I regained consciousness. I stood up to see my own brother staring me down with a sword in his hands. He had a demented look on his face that seemed insane. He charged me as I called out "Larxene!" and lifted my arm to shield myself. I thought I was hit, but I was holding a sword. The name I called out was forgotten somehow, as I charged forwards to strike at my brother. I kept pounding away until I finally messed up. I missed my swing. And then I felt something wierd. I looked down to see my brother's sword impaled in my stomach. He ripped it out mere seconds after i saw it and laughed this insane laugh and said while smirking "Good-bye, brother." and the way he said brother only made it all worse as I blacked out...

History: Age 24/25
Xerox woke up in his makeshift bed in the the tree he had been camping in and looked at his watch. He opened his eyes and said "Uh-oh. I'm gonna be late for class!" Xerox had been going to the Shinigami school since a year after his entrance to Rukongai. He had since become the top of his class. However, something changed on his 25 birthday... As he was going to class, he saw his friend Zoe. They chatted for a while, but when they got to class, he saw something in his mind. He saw someone mis-firing and nearly killing her. He thought he was just seeing things until he saw someone walk up. It was the same man from the vision! He ran towards Zoe, but was to late. He was out of the radius but because Zoe was standing right behind him to go next, she was badly hurt. Xerox walked up to the and punched him so hard that he broke through several of the solid walls of the school. The guy was unconscious for days after that. Xerox was dismissed from class unlawful behavior and damage to school property and was sent back home. He went back to that tree he had camped in the other night and slept their again...
Dream sequence: He was back at the school, but this time it was empty except for two people. There was a blond woman and someone else arguing. Xerox walked over to them to try and listen and he heard the woman say "-hurt him! You can't take control of his body yet! he needs to learn control so you won't kill him! If you do it again, then he will die! You saw what happened on his 15th birthday! You nearly got him killed! If I hadn't woken him up-" Xerox cut the woman off and said "I remember you..." Larxene jumped and said "He got in here." The other man smiled and said "That means-" Larxene the slapped him and said "No." The man seemed suprised at this and said "Fine. Boy. On your 30th birthday, I will be back. And she won't be able to stop me. Be prepared for my rebirth. The rebirth of Xemnas." Xemnas laughed and disappeared. Larxene then said sadly "Wake up. It's time for class." Xerox then opened his eyes and saw that the sun was up. He looked at his watch and he sighed as he saw he was late again and muttered "What a weird dream. And on my birthday too.". He went to class normally for the next 5 years.

[center]History: Age 30

Xerox woke up on his 30th birthday with a dreamless night. He sighed and relaxed as he said "It was all just a dream. No Xemnas in my dreams today." He jumped down from the tree that he chosen to sleep in for the night to see if it would trigger a dream. He walked towards the Academy. He was smiling at the fact that he would graduate today, even if he had been held back a year because of the months following the incident with Zoe. Despite that, he was still graduating at nearly the top of his class. As he walked there nothing happened until he took a wrong turn somewhere and heard someone say through a door "We've taken him into custody. Xeron can't escape." Xerox froze at his brother's name and peeked through the door to see Byakuya Kuchiki talking to Head Captain Yamamoto. Xerox opened the door and said "Xeron?" Byakuya turned to Xerox and said "Leave boy and head to class. This is none of your business." Xerox got angry and said "None of my business? You've got to be kidding." Byakuya was about to say something when Yamamoto asked "Why are you here Xerox?" Xerox then said angrily "You mentioned Xeron. He's the man who killed me, and he is my brother. Though I don't think he deserves to be called that." Yamamoto nodded and said "He is not dead, merely imprisoned." Xerox then responded "Good. I hope he gets what he deserves." Xerox bowed and was about to leave the room when Yamamoto said "He is in the prison southwest of here." Xerox nodded thanks and left to go 'Chat' with his brother.
After his graduation ceremony, he left to go and visit his imprisoned brother. After a he made it to the jail cell, he felt a weird aura. It seemed way to demonic for a prison made for Xeron's class of criminal. He opened the door and felt the aura weaken. He walked over to the cells and looked in each one for Xeron, until he saw a much larger cell in the back. He walked towards it and saw someone standing outside of it. It was a man wearing Larxene's coat. He then said "I hope your ready boy. This will change everything." and then faded. Xerox stood there shaking and he didn't know why. He forced himself to stop shaking as he looked inside the jail cell. He saw Xeron in a straitjacket on and pinned to a wall with spikes that resembled that of a Kido spell. Xeron waved his hand and showed he broke the straitjacket, but then made the shush motion and giggled insanely. He looked more closely at Xerox and his smile faded. He instantly broke free of all of his restraints and charged at the door screaming out Xerox's name in a murderous rage. Xerox flicked him off and said "Surprised?" Xeron then shattered the wall and reached for Xerox's neck, which he just couldn't reach. Xerox unsheathed his Zanpakuto and said "One more step and I will stab you. And trust me, this time, I won't miss." Xeron seemed to calm down and said "You'll die again anyway. Now, I just need to wait for it to finish." Xeron smiled evilly as Xerox said "What are you talking about?" Xerox said "I took it's powers. The red-head and the girly man may have stopped me from absorbing it, but I still have it." Xerox sighed and said "Great. He's gone completely insane." Xeron smiled and said "Oh yes. Yes I have. I may not have all of it's powers, but believe me, that Vasto Lordes never saw it coming. They found after I betrayed a Vasto Lordes on an agreement. I said I would take him to the Seireitei in exchange for the lives of an Adjuchas and a Gillian. He gladly accepted, but he planned on betraying me! So I betrayed him first by leading him into a trap! I have half of his powers now, sealed inside of me. I just need time." Xeron started cackling insanely and then stopped and instantly changed his tone to a serious tone. He said "It's charged. Good-bye brother. Maybe you'll find and join me someday, but I can plainly see that today is not that day." Xerox fully unsheathed his Zanpakuto and said "You have no right to call me 'brother' after you killed me!" Xeron then flared his spiritual pressure so high that Xerox fell on his knees and vomited. Xerox proceeded to get back up and say "You're not running away!" and stabbed Xeron in the chest. Xeron simply frowned as Xerox's Zanpakuto shattered and his hands bled. Xerox then fell over unconscious.
Xerox woke up in the Squad 4 barracks, being cared for by the medics. He tried to get up, but they kept him down as someone went to go get the captain. After a few un-successful attempts at getting up, he stopped. Shortly after he did this, Captain Retsu Unohana walked in to ask him about his injuries. Shortly after they finished talking, Xerox was let out of the barracks to go inform the head captain of what had happened. After he got there and explained what had happened, Yamamoto said "You shall be assigned to a squad. Talk to your instructor about this, and he shall give you your instructions." After a very long and uneventful day, he was put under captain Kuchiki's command. He finally went to bed in the barracks, and had a dream.
He once again saw Larxene and Xemnas in the school, but this time they were waiting for him. Larxene looked like she wanted to cry while Xemnas was standing there grinning. Xemnas then yelled out "Now we fight boy! Choose where we shall fight!" Xerox was really angry because of what had happened that day and said "The arena where you first took over." Xemnas's grin widened and he said "Fine choice. Larxene!" Larxene walked over to Xerox and whispered "Good luck." she walked away as Zerox unsheathed his sword.
RP sample for combat
Xerox unsheathed his sword and said "Please lend me your strength. I may not know your name, but please, help me now." He charged Xemnas as Xemnas said "Too slow. Too obvious." and tripped him and struck at his head with a laser blade. Xerox blocked it with his sword and flipped into the air to strike at Xemnas, who said "Good! Aerial combat always was her strong point!" and blocked the strike and said "But you still need more power behind the strike!" and launched Xerox back. Xemnas started to strike at Xerox, who could only barely keep up. Xemnas then yelled out "You're too weak!" and shattered his Zanpakuto and slashed his chest. Xerox felt the laser burn his flesh as he screamed out in pain. Xerox grabbed the handle, which still had a shard of the blade on it, and struck at Xemnas constantly as he laughed and said "Come now Xerox, I thought I told you before." Xerox then remembered a voice saying something in the first time he took control; "Strike with focus, rage, and power, and you can not lose. Focus your energy or you will die!" Xerox's eyes then became slits as he struck with such force that Xemnas was shoved back with every strike. Xemnas laughed and said "Almost perfect!" and rammed a laser into Xeorx's leg and laughed as he said "But not quite." Xerox then jumped backwards and screamed out the name of his Zanpakuto "Electrocute them with undying lightning! Larxene!" His sword the flashed and transformed into a lightning bolt shaped blade. Xerox then screamed out "Xemnas!" and focused electricity below his feet to launch him forward insanely fast and struck at Xemnas from all angles by almost teleporting. Xemnas seemed surprised at the sheer power of the blows and in response laughed once more and increased his speed and they both struck at each other with enough power to start destroying the arena around them. Xerox then said "Now feel the lightning course through your veins as the thunder rings in your ears." and his sword turned into a whip ridged with small yellow knifes and the whip coursed with electricity. Xerox would constantly switch between whip and sword in order to keep Xemnas on the defensive at all times, until finally, Xerox hit Xemnas in the chest with the blade form and ripped his chest open. Xemnas cried out in pain and Xerox did this once more until Xemnas yelled out "I yeild!" Xerox pulled out the sword and Xemnas said "I will be back again Xerox. Now this, I am true nothingness incarnate! I am the Hollow Soul! I will be back!" and Xemnas faded out. Xerox fell over and Larxene ran over to catch him. Larxene was crying in happiness as she said "Good job Xerox. Good job." and then Xerox passed out into unconsciousness.
History: First Mission

Xerox woke up incredibly early the next morning and went out to practice with his Zanpakuto. When he was nearing the end of the training, he decided to see if he had really learned his Zanpakuto's name in a dream. Right before he tested this out, Renji Abarai found him and said "You've been chosen for the next mission. You have to follow the seated officers into the world of the living and learn from what they do. Who knows, you may even fight a Hollow on your own." Renji smiled and left. After they went through the Senkaimon, the seated officers led everyone to their areas to watch them fight and to learn from it. While the seated officers fought the lowest level Hollows possible, Xerox snuck off to take an a whack at his Shikai. He walked over to a secluded area, but before he activated it, a Hollow appeared. Xerox sighed and said "So many interruptions. Can't I just practice in peace for once. Electrocute them with undying lightning, Larxene!" His sword changed to it's electric sword and Xerox charged the Hollow and killed it in a few seconds. A bunch more appeared however, which brought the attention of the seated officers. The officers noticed Xerox and yelled out as they went to help him "Which seat?" Xerox struck two more Hollows down with his whip form and yelled out "None. I'm one of the trainees." as he jumped into the air to kill another Hollow. The seated officers took out the rest of the Hollows and Renji ran over and yelled out "What were you thinking, letting out your Shikai here! That thing attracts Hollows!" Xerox stared down Renji and said "I needed the practice, as I was interrupted by you. And you are, eyebrow man?" Renji looked like he was about to start beating Xerox as one of the seated officers said "He has a point." Renji whipped around and yelled "Who said that?" but before anyone answered, there was an explosion and an incredible increase in Hollows. Xerox walked over to the point that most of them were gathering and said "Are you coming lieutenant Abarai?" Xerox kept walking and Renji growled and said "Great, an increase in Hollows because of an overly cocky idiot." He ran over to the point and yelled out "Roar, Zabimaru!" and started wiping out Hollows twice as fast as Xerox. In the end, there was only one Hollow, but it was different. Right as Renji was about to strike at it, Xerox said "Don't hit you idiot." Renji did hit and a loud screech followed. Xerox then muttered "Idiot." Renji turned and yelled at Xerox and said "What did you call me?" Xerox then said "You're simply furthering my point by ignoring the enemy. Can't you feel it's spiritual pressure?" Renji held still for a second and said "What are you talking about? I don't feel-" and an explosion interrupted him launching a large piece of debris into Xerox's back, nearly knocking him unconscious. Xerox got up and yelled out "I'ts a Gillian! We need to evacuate the trainees!" after a minute of evacuation, the Gillian found Xerox and Renji and started to charge up a Cero. Xerox then muttered "Well, at least everybody else escaped. Let's do this." Xerox started to jump from building to building by focusing the electricity at the bottom of his shoes. He then appeared in front of the Gillian and struck at it's mask, only leaving a small scratch. Xerox continued to slash at the mask until he then got real angry and yelled out "Now feel lighting course through your veins and the thunder ring in your ears! Shuurai!" and let lose a bolt of lighting from the sky that struck Xerox's blade and he focused the entirety of the electricity into a single blow, launching a lightning bolt the size of a house into the Gillians face, knocking it backwards and causing it to run away. Xerox then fell over in midair and passed out into unconsciousness once again.
He woke up in the Squad 4 barracks again and the people ran over to make sure he didn't try to get up again, but Xerox didn't try. He simply asked "Again?" to Retsu Unohana who walked in. She then said "Yes. Renji says you took out a Gillian in one shot. That isn't common among the trainees." Xerox nodded and said "Well, I feel fine other than the fact that my head feels like it's gonna explode into a million little pieces, so can I go now?" Unohana nodded and smiled as she left the room. Xerox got up and immediately vomited all over the floor. He then actually got up and left the barracks before he vomited again.
Becoming a Vaizard: Age 35

After 5 uneventful years, he decided to meditate and talk to Larxene for the first time. When he entered his own mind, he saw Larxene with a large frown looking away from him and talking to someone. He walked over there expecting him. It was him. "Hey kid. How about a rematch?" Xerox sighed and said "Why would i want to?" Xemnas said "Well, you see, if you can beat me, then you gain my powers and the ability to Hollowfy." Xerox then said "Pass." Xemnas looked astounded as Xerox said that and said "You would be willing to give up the immense powers of a Hollow? For what reason!?!" Xerox the said "Because I don't care." Xemnas then charged Xerox, who easily blocked his first strike without even looking, and then turned around to say "I fight beasts with no minds or sense of reason. For a second there, I thought you had at least a little common sense." Xemnas seemed even angrier as he said "Well, I don't. I fight! My reason to fight is to fight!" Xemnas continued striking at him as Xerox said "More power!" and tripped Xemnas and smacked him on the back of the head with his sheathed sword. Xemnas got up and screamed at the top of his lungs and charged at Xerox with slits for eyes. Xerox then got hit in the chest with an open palm strike and elbowed in the face. Xerox then said "Fine. Bring it. Larxene." His sword didn't change when he said it. Xerox seemed confused as he took a solid punch to the jaw. Larxene then said "I can't help you. You need to fight him on your own." Xerox tried to speak, but got punched in the jaw again. He then went berserk and charged Xemnas and tackled him hard enough to crack something in his back and then jumped off of him as he created a wall in his head. Xemnas smashed into the wall and destroyed it. Xemnas then said "What..? That wasn't..." Xerox than said "This is our world. You think you can beat me here?" Xemnas then charged again and ran into a wall created by Xerox. Xerox then teleported(Note: Can only teleprt inside of his own mind.) and punched Xemnas in the face. Xemnas yelled out in pain and then said "Fine. Larxene! Help him." Xerox's sword than shifted to the electric sword form and Xemnas teleported as well, trying to keep Xerox on the defensive. Xerox than teleported behind Xemnas and spin-kicked him in the side of the head. Xemnas then struck at Xerox with his laser blades but missed as Xerox did a flip and kicked him in the face. Xemnas then tried to teleport, but Larxene sealed the teleportation current (In order to teleport you move into another realm and move out of it at a designated location of your choice. It only works if nobody is blacking the current and if the place you're teleporting to is in sight). Xerox then charged forwards and started beating on Xemnas with his sword and whip and then said "Split in twine, Larxene!" and the knifes that created the ridge on his whip flew off. He switched the whip to it's sword form and then caught the knifes individually and struck at Xemnas with each one only once and then throwing it into the air and catching the next one. He repeated this until Xemnas was so hurt that his entire body was coated with his own blood. Xemnas then said "It's not over yet Xerox! Re-Za-Enchou!" and there was a solid dome of lasers surrounding Xerox, who then said "Pitiful." and all the lasers launched at him. He blocked all of them and then focused the electricity below his feet and charged at Xemnas one more time, cutting him through the chest with a single clean swipe. Xemnas fell over unconscious as Xerox did the same. He awoke to Larxene holding him and he said "I'm still alive?" Larxene then said "Yes. Thank god, yes." Xerox got up and held Larxene.
Final History: Present
After five years of training himself in his Vaizard powers he gained after beating Xemnas and training himself to use Larxene, he finally looked up at the sky in the world of the living and said "This is it." and got up off of the roof and said "Are you ready Larxene?" and in his mind he heard her say "Ready." Xerox then smirked and said "Hobey-ho, let's go."

OOC: Too long? I think so. Also, he may have Hollow powers, but he hasn't fully conquered Xemnas. Xemnas will be back and has not been beaten into submission yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Xerox And His Past.   Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:44 pm

Very good. Looks like you put forth alot of effort into this.


Looking forward to role-playing with you.

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Xerox And His Past.
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