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 Neoroku Koko

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PostSubject: Neoroku Koko   Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:17 pm

Name: Neoroku wingale Natsume

Age: 2010

Gender: Male

Race: Arrancar o.O

Appearance: Tall, Medium build, looks like hes 21, Male average height his appearance and age easily show he's a college student senior year he sports a blue and black striped polo shirt and he wears jeans on some occasions board shorts.. Not much left to describe he has long hair that reaches above his breast... Its black with a long silver streak on the right side and he has a scar down his right eye with Green eyes similar looking to Ulquoirra overall

Personality:When he was very young the traveling he had been doing didn't confuse him but more like he just went with it.he did not ask why.Maybe once.But other then that he was just a normal quiet man.But during the time he became a very insightful person.he can hate at almost any time.he is not afraid to kill anyone, and he has murdered numerous amounts of people. He sees no need to act as if the espada are gods as they arent he knows what many of the espadas true intentions are. He uses this to keep his need to kill down. He calls his need to kill "his drug" Thats he addicted to and may never get off. Neo is also Connected to Roy Hikari.. In a mysterious way he is Roy's "Guardian" he understands as to why Roy wants to preserve the Quincy clan line

(Im not going to excessively use this char only due to the fact that we havent really got started yet and im still surfing for places to Adv)

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PostSubject: Re: Neoroku Koko   Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:43 pm


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Neoroku Koko
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