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 Role-Playing Rules, both civil, and combative

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PostSubject: Role-Playing Rules, both civil, and combative   Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:37 pm

There are not really rules for this but guides.

Stay in character in the main role-play sections! If you want to say something denote that it is OOC, in parenthesis or something. Or just go to an OOC forum.

Be courteous. Even if your Character is a complete jerk, don't be to other members. Nobody likes a jerk, and it will make the experience bad for everyone.

NO killing other player's characters! Unless you have permission from both parties you cannot kill a character. Cannon char death has to be approved by moderators.

No Power-Playing, or God-Modding! It makes for a bad time, and it is no fun, when you one-shot people or dodge every attack. This is a serious offense. If you do it too often, you will be issued a verbal warning(see general rules).

That's about it. Rules may be added later(I have a feeling I'm missing something).
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Role-Playing Rules, both civil, and combative
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