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 Succubus Yuzuki

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PostSubject: Succubus Yuzuki   Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:28 am

Succubus Yuzuki
Name: Succubus Yuzuki(night-demon gentle moon)

Age: 200(looks 15)

Gender: Female

Race: Arrancar

Appearance: Hmm. Not much to say about the tall and chubby female arrancar. Her eyes are a bright blue with a green/yellow rim around her pupil. She is pale and semi-small. She has short dark brown hair. She usually is wearing white tight jeans/pants with black linning and black stripes down the side. Her shirt is more of a hoddy with black linning as well. Her shoes white with black linning and stripes as well. She has what looks like two small horns. Her life as an arrancar has been terrible so far. She hated her life with Aizen and the others. She hated the Espada. She could never stand their power hungry minds. Them living equal her suffering in Aizen’s make shift society.

Personality: An arrancar… Who hates killing. She won’t even admit to herself that is what she was made for. Due to her tragic past she won’t. She remembers all to well how it felt to die and be treated like shit by others. So she hates killers. All killers in her eyes make her suffer. She hates them.

History: Succu used to be a normal human. Well if you call a girl who can see ghosts normal that is. She had a rough childhood. Always being picked on for her gift and her odd colored eyes. Her oddness however made her a target for hollows. She was killed in an accident by a drunk driver. He said he would do anything to bring her back. The drunk driver… Was her own father. He believed she was haunting him until his death where he finally was able to see his daughter. But then he was eaten by his guilt. He turned into a hollow. The very hollow that turned Succu into one as well. Then she roamed the hollow world killing and eating others. She wanted to kill to fill the hole in her chest. Her hollow hole. When Aizen found her she was severely wounded from a fight she had with another hollow. He then used the Hōgyoku to turn her into an arrancar. She was then given #13. Why did this number cause her pain? It is the unlucky number. She is what the number suggests… Unlucky. Her hollow form was that of a dragon and demon combination. Body of a dragon, tail of a demon, and head of a dragon. But now... She is nothing but a rogue arrancar. Wanting to help the soul reapers.

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PostSubject: Re: Succubus Yuzuki   Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:01 pm

Very nice, great detail. Approved

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Succubus Yuzuki
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