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 Ability Application

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PostSubject: Ability Application   Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:51 pm

The rules for abilities is simple.

*No illusions. These are over powered and the reason why those cannon characters are forbidden. They are easily god-modded and abused.
*No time manipulation. Pretty easy it is to powerful.

Those are the main rules, but here are some suggestions.

Try and keep the number of abilities to a low. try and find a single all-encompassing theme for your character, and then make specific abilities. Try not to make too many, or it becomes confusing.

Your powers are non reflectant on your power level. We judge on how much effort was used, and how good we think you would do.

At the end of your application you will place your starting stats. After you are approved you can edit your stats with the upgraded number. The stats will determine you normal abilities (shunpo/sonido, kido/cero)


Sword Name:

Sword Spirit: doesn't have to be anything too detailed

Sealed Sword:

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities:

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:


Release Name:

Sealed Sword:

Release Appearance:

Release Abilities:


How You Obtained Your Powers: this is important, since humans don't normally gain powers.

Description Of Powers: Basically anything you have to do to activate them, any special weapons.

Abilities: These can be even more unique than others, and can get pretty cool if you do it right.


Bow description: It can be a simple bow, or have pulleys, and laser sights, or it can be a gun, be creative. Though it has to be a projectile weapon of some sorts.

Quincy Abilities: List the most used ones. You can also create new abilities just be creative, and make it descriptive so we know what it's like.

Artificial Soul Yes you can be a robot Smile (If you want to be a mod soul then you need to have your personality match.

Bodily Additions: What modifications do you have. do you have reiatsu scanners, rocket launchers, you can even have funny ones, like a vacuum cleaner, and chocolate maker inside. Or you can be completely flesh.

Other Powers: What other powers do you have?

Vaizards/ Half-Hollow In addition to Shinigami Abilities. You can choose to start with this but it will be judged more harshly. If you wish to upgrade a current shinigami character you must have a minimum of power level of 3 to attempt at hollowfication, or confronting your inner hollow.

If you want a half hollow/human then you can be possessed by your hollow, but not have a mask. your hollow has control, but your "control" determines how well you and your hollow understand each other, and if your hollow is willing to help you.

Inner Hollow: like a zanpakuto spirit it lives inside you.

Mask Description: what it looks like. It doesn't even have to be a mask, and can be in various locations and shapes.

Mask Powers: What hollow powers the mask gives you. Choose from these.(Don't choose too many. You are not a hollow, but merely have powers similar. If you ad to many it will make you look over-powered) Cero, Bala, Sonido, Garganta, Pesquisa, Enhanced Prowess.

Your power level will determine how well you can control your mask/hollow.
*At 1(both) your inner hollow will periodically take over for his own malicious means, and might kill you in the process. you have no knowledge of his existence.
*At 2(both) You know about your hollow, but you are powerless to stop him. He can take over, but you can prevent him from making life-threatening moves.
*At 3 (vai) You have conversed with your hollow. but he is just that much more powerful. You can keep him from taking over, and spawn a mask for 10-30 seconds. (half) You have have conversed with your hollow. You know his intentions, and can try to talk to him, but he doesn't care. He still takes over, but will protect you, and may work with you for major battles.
*At 4 (vai You have challenged your hollow and won. He acknowledges you, even if he doesn't lie it. You can retain your mask for 1-2 minutes. (half) your Inner hollow has recognized your ideal, and has decided to leave you to your means, and agreed to help you stay alive, nothing more.
*At 5 (vai) Your hollow respects your power. You can hold your mask for long durations, but can still ruin out eventually. (half) Your hollow has been swayed to your cause, and you and him can work together for many occasions. You can gain small amounts of their power while under your own control.

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Ability Application
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