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 holder of the cards

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PostSubject: holder of the cards   Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:06 pm

Name: holder of the cards

Sword spirit: is a Ruby red dragon of English verity

Sealed sword: a normal 13th century English style blade with a Ruby eye with dimaond as the pupil the blade has a hardly noticeable red tint

Shikai appearance: the hilt changes the hand guards look like dragon wings the handle becomes crystal like that is blood red the Ruby eye turns into a dragon eye that works the blade becomes blood red as well

Ablitiy: kaatisu gains inhuman strenght fire armor and ten throwing cards float that (has kaatisu's tattoo on them) around him that attack his opponent at different intevuals.

Banki appearance: it looks like shikai as if it where crafed from a giant Ruby the eye on hilt vanishes and replaced by a dragon head on a chain that can be used as a weapon

Abilities: same as shikai only cards grow to 100ft and forum a medal dragon that breaths fire



Endurance: 20

Agility: 20

Spiritual power:20

Spirit control:20

Magic: 20

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PostSubject: Re: holder of the cards   Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:32 am

If you want all your stats as 20 (which is only average for Everything) then it's approved.

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holder of the cards
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