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 Arthas3's additions

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PostSubject: Arthas3's additions   Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:30 am

I have thought of a new Technology

Name: DDTU(Different Dimension Training Unit)

Description: Looks like a gladiator arena but there is a dome like ceiling on top of it. There is also a small area near it were the operators are.

Effects: 1: This machine can gauge strength and info on any Soul Reaper, Viazard, Arancar, Hollow, ect.... To determine the power level the machine runs fighting tests to see how powerful the user is.
2: This machine is used for training, and has many modes. The first and most basic mode is the one on one training. The machine creates a very life like simulation of an enemy, witch the user has to defeat. After fighting 6 enemies the user gets a full days of training only in one hour. Because their is different level of users, each enemy is based on 6 levels. Level one: Enemies take a lot of damage from basic attacks, and don't deal a lot of damage. Level 2: Enemies take a lot of damage from basic attacks, and deal a normal amount of damage. Level 3: Enemies take a normal amount of damage and deal a normal amount of damage. Level 4: Enemies are stronger, and tend to be from the Gotei 13. They usually don't know Shikai. Level 5: Enemies get stronger, definitely from the Gotei 13 or anyone with high enough power. They know Shikai or another means of dealing a lot of damage. Level 6: Enemies are t the strongest, they know Bankai or anything that deals HUGE amounts of damage.
Useful Applications: This was meant for pure training purposes. It has many more modes, but to name them all is a little too much. Here is an example: Itchigo thought to himself" How the hell will I learn Bankai in less than 2 days?" Right at that moment Yorouichi had an idea! " Alright, it's time we sent you to the DDTU!" After about a day of training inside the DDTU Itchigo felt stronger! " Thanks Yorouchi! I now Bankai know!" Not the best example, but it'll have to do.
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PostSubject: Re: Arthas3's additions   Sun Feb 27, 2011 5:41 pm

interesting, it's fine, an can be used in the already existing arena/training section of forums. though it wouldn't be lthat fast of training. You can't learn bankai in 2 days, it lakes years, even decades to learn it(according to Kubo). but I don't mind slightly boosted training.

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Arthas3's additions
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