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 Ability and Power Level Rules

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PostSubject: Ability and Power Level Rules   Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:07 pm

The rules for abilities is simple.

*No illusions. These are over powered and the reason why those cannon characters are forbidden. They are easily god-modded and abused.
*No time manipulation. Pretty easy it is to powerful.
*No using/controlling other players reiatsu/reiryoku
*No absorbing / using / being immune to other peoples powers.

Those are the main rules, but here are some suggestions.

Try and keep the number of abilities to a low. try and find a single all-encompassing theme for your character, and then make specific abilities. Try not to make too many, or it becomes confusing.

Your powers are non reflectant on your power level. We judge on how much effort was used, and how good we think you would do.

At the end of your application you will place your starting stats. After you are approved you can edit your stats with the upgraded number.

Power levels. - thanks to Zane Hataro for coming up with the idea.

You will be ranked for power on a scale from 0-5. 0 meaning you have no ability whatsoever. 5 meaning you are a god in the bleach universe.

The power levels go as follows. There will be a weak, average, and strong sub group, with the exception of the 0 rank.

0- Human- no knowledge of spirits whatsoever, can be killed by mere contact with high spiritual pressure.

1- Spiritually aware, training shinigami, medium sized hollow- knows about spirits, and can fight like a martial-artist level.

2- seated officer, awakened human, gillian- know shikai, have special powers

3- vice captain, adjuchas- know shikai, may have bankai under special circumstances

4- captain, high adjuchas arrancar, very young vasto/vasto under hokyoku, young vizards- know bankai, have ressurecion

5- captain commander, 0 squad, veteran vizards, natural vasto lordes- very powerful

E rank- Event character- can not be killed, unless for furthering of plot, may have varied strength, or whatever.

You will be given 120 points(for an average of 20 points per stat) to put into six stats: Strength, Endurance, Agility, Spirit Power, Spirit Control, Magic(kido, cero, quincy abilities, and others of that nature). When you go up in rank you get an extra 2 points per sub level in each stat, this is to represent the natural training of people. So when you go from a 2a to a 4w then you get 5 x 2 = 10 extra points in each stat. You choose where your base stats go, but your bonus points go into all of your stats at once.

strength detirmines hitting power. how much damage you put out.

endurance, is how long you last, before you collapse, and how hard it is to hurt you.

agility is how well yo can doge attacks, how fast you run.

Spiritual Power is how much reiryoku reserves you have. This is not equated to strength.

Spirit Control is how well you can manipulate your reiatsu, and use it to your advantage. also how well you can cloak your presence, and detect enemies.

Magic is how much kido you know, and how well you can use it. Also how goos at cero's and bala you are. Quincy powers, and special item usage are included.

I order to go up in rank, you have two options. Must make a topic, that has a significant event in it, Ie. obtaining shikai/bankai, evolving as a hollow/shiniafication. Or you can simply request it from the moderator(this option will be judged more harshly). Either way You will be judged on your role-playing capabilities, contributions, behavior, and other miscellaneous criteria.

These stats and ranks are meant to help manage battles, and provide a general guide to power. The rules for this are not absolute, and can be changed for any reason.

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Ability and Power Level Rules
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