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 Sen Shimaru

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Sen Shimaru


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PostSubject: Sen Shimaru   Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:21 pm

Sen Shimaru




Hollow info:
Hollow name [Nes] - When she use's her hollow powers she sometimes doesn't use her mask, just her eye's glow. so she only uses half of her power. And her hollow talks to her a lot, but most of the time she doesn't notice it and she thinks its her own thoughts. And this happens a lot. Sometimes she remembers its there and sometimes not. In other words, she doesn't have control over it yet.

She was just a normal kid, well not like anyone these days are normal, but she was simple. She didn't care what she looked like and she didn't have many friends. Maybe one or two at max. But she didn't care about them really. They were just someone to talk to at the time.But she mostly always lost those friends because she had a scene of being watched or looked over. She could always tell if something was around her, she could tell someone was watching her, and knew it wasn't a living being. But she could never see it. She had never liked this ability she had, because it always made her feel on edge. She hated not being able to see what was going on around her, not able to see what was watching her. And most of the time she thought she was going insane, and mainly it was because people thought she was a freak anyway. And this made her parents think she might have some problems like, schizophrenia, paranoia, or even insanity. So they go her out of public school and home schooled her. But that didn't help her problem. The more she was alone she started hearing voices and then seeing figures. And when this accrued she would be so scared that all she could do was scream. And then she would have to be sedated. And through out most of her years being alive this would happen. And one day she just ended it do to her abilities, she thought she had gone completely insane. So she thought the next life would be better than the one she was in now. But when she did, it wasn't what she had expected. Because she quickly realized that this was more of a hell than living. These weird monsters, What where they, were these what she was feeling while she was living. Were these the things that where watching her the whole time she was alive.

But instead of her just standing there she had to run...the monster's, they were after her all she could do was run. This kept happening for a while. Until she stumbled into the hollow world. And this didn't help her situation, but she did find a power. She stayed in the hollow world for some time. And as this happened. Something was growing and being made. She was safe in a cave, she didn't know if it was night or day, it was hard to tell. But something spoke to her, "I'm not your friend but I'm not your enemy,...I will be your power until you can find your own, Then I will take your first name as my own". So it took her first name, and she took her last as her first. This gave her the power to find a way out, of the hollow world. But before she knew it she was wondering in the Soul Society. She looked human which she was human, well somewhat. So she stayed with one of the family's there, and that's where she stayed for her 13th year. She couldn't stand being the way she was, this thing inside her. She wanted to be her own so she tried and for her 14th year she was able to get that power it took longer than she thought but when she got it the power she had, before seemed to have gone way. Well it had seemed that way, and she hoped it stayed that way.

anti-social doesn't like showing her emotions so her face is calm most of the time, a calm mood and doesn't really bother with other people unless she needs too. So most of the time she just hangs back and doesn't say anything. In other words she doesn't like being the center of attain.


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PostSubject: Re: Sen Shimaru   Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:01 am

character approved.

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woot nice vaizard our numbers grow muwhahaa what rank are you?
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Sen Shimaru
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