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 Yoru Alexx Character

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PostSubject: Yoru Alexx Character   Sat Dec 25, 2010 10:30 pm

Name: Yoru Alexx (last, first)

Age: appears to be 17, actually 350

Gender: female

Race: Arrancar (exiled)


Hair is black, eyes are dark green, but change to iridescent purple when she is in battle or is really into something (videogame, movie, play, etc.)

Personality: She has 2
1---> fun to be around, hyper, happy, seems to be having 'the time of her life'
2---> bloodthirsty, accurate, honest (lies only to save self), cares about no one else, 'rampager' (when encountering a city she doesn't like, she kills evryone wothin the city and along the outskirts)

History: Alexx had been one of Ulquiorra Shiffer's Arrancars, then was transferred over to be one of Szayel Apporo's. Very big change for Alexx; One, all the other Arrancars were odd and childlike, even more than her hyper personality (which didn't exist at the time), and two, Szyel was a lot less powerful than Ulquiorra. This required a lot of patience from Alexx, and this experience developed her more happy personality. For a while, she was happy in the care of the 8th Espada, until he went crazy one day and felt passion for her. Later that day, he requested for Alexx's presence in his lab, alone. She went, in her happy mood, which doesn't allow her to think correctly, and it happened.

RP Sample: He had strapped me onto a table, cleared for something i was uninformed of. It had been wiped down very well, cleaned to perfection. The problem was Him. He already had His shirt off, showing clear, smooth skin. I don't really remember what happened next, but I had gotten so angry, so battlethirsty, something I hadn't felt in a long time. And suddenly, my wrists were bleeding, and my ankles were bleeding, and a wire was stuck in my left ankle, and i had brought my sword out of it's sheath, and it already had blood dripping off of it, and i was excited, and adrenaline was pumping through me, and everything was moving so slow, and i could see differently*, even better in the darkly lit room, and He was on the floor, holding His hand or wrist gently, like he was injured, and i loved to see His pain, His suffering, and the fear that showed like snow on black pavement, and i had dug my sword into his foot, keeping him in place while i unleashed a power i never knew, and a very bright light* came into the room, and i instinctively sheathed my sword, and shoved the people out of my way that were standing in the doorway, and ran out of the large building i was trapped in, and fled into the sands of exile...

History (cont.): After the Day, Alexx has been wandering the sands of Hueco Mundo, looking for a purpose in her everlasting life, trying to commit suicide a few times, but a voice had kept her head screwed on straight. She found caverns with lots of ores she never thought existed in this dark, cruel world she called home. She began molding these into items she could use, strengthening her zanpakuto, creating new armor, and found a way to die her hair from the royal purple it had been into the blackness of half of her heart, while discovering that the terrible memory she had had changed her eyes to a dark greenish hazel, showing off the other side of her heart, the side that lived life to it's fullest, and enjoyed every moment of it.

*The darkness of the room was just slightly lighter then pitch black, and her eyes had changed to the iridescent purple, which allows her to have inhanced eyesight, and a type of nightvision. All other brighter lights that are brighter than she is used to in this state, are enhanced even more than the night vision, and are seen as the sun's brightest light shining in her eyes, not hurting them, but too bright to battle in the dark space.

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PostSubject: Re: Yoru Alexx Character   Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:33 am

everything is there. Approved. make an abilities app, and you can start playing.
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Yoru Alexx Character
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