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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:13 pm

Okay here's how it will work.

You have a limited amount of characters. you may only have one character as a Captain or Espada. You may have an additional one zero squad member, or MNF leader. You may have up to two total of |Lieutenant, Exequias, and Privaron|. You may also have up to two cannon characters. You may have any number of other Characters. Cannon characters fall under the limits for general characters(meaning no having one OC captain, and a cannon captain).

Cannon characters are allowed. However, you may only have two, and you cannot have any that are on this list. Aizen Soskue, Shinji Hirako, Kōga Kuchiki.

You may only have a cannon character if you can show that you deserve it. You must have a minimum of 50 posts, and you must ask a moderator, giving the name of the requested character as well. You must play that character with their personalities, abilities, etc. No crafting new traits or loosing any to fit your needs. If you are thought to be lacking in ability to use that character, or have gone active for more than a week without notice, you will be stripped of your cannon character, and will not be able to apply for one for a week after.

Character creation:

When creating your character you must have these things present.


Those are the only requirements. However the more you add the better chances you have of getting a higher starting power level. Things that you may find helpful are pictures, brief histories of the character, and a role-playing sample. Your power l;evel will be determined after you make your ability application.

Character Usage.

Your OCs cannot have any relationship to cannon characters unless you have the permission of the player that the character belongs to. If there is no player than you cannot have that relationship.

You can only have as many characters as you can handle. You must make at least one post a week with each character. If you cannot do this you will be asked to reduce the number of characters you own.

Characters can die, but only with the approval of both parties. Cannon characters can only die with the approval of a moderator.
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Character Rules
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