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 Midnight Flower

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PostSubject: Midnight Flower   Thu Aug 11, 2011 10:43 am

The Midnight Flower is a place for the homeless to call home, the weak to feel safe, the lonely to find comfort. This is a place for all those abandoned by the soul society, hueco mundo, or even just loners,. to come stay. Led by the powerful arrancar Helena, the Midnight Flower works together to ensure peace for a better world.And even you, can join in on this project, and help The Midnight Flower. so that the world may be a better place.

There are many job opportunities available, but none needed. You can be a scientist, a baker, a musician, or if your the angsty type, you can even fight, for our better world. We here at Midnight Flower, only ask that you come be apart of our ever growing community, and strive towards a better future, for ourselves, and all generations to come after us. We would be glad to have you in our midst.

Sign up now!, we need more members.

Members: Helena

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Midnight Flower
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