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 New quincy Powers

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PostSubject: New quincy Powers   Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:28 pm


Name: Steel Familiar

Description: A large 8(varying) foot steel titan

Effects: When activated it will fight alongside roy using pillars of steel that materialize from the air and slam down. The time it takes to materialize is 8 seconds. The max amount of pillars that can be made are 25 pillars. The pillars all vary in height with the shortest being 7ft tall. The titan it self can grow the minimum being 8 feet and the tallest being 13feet

The titan has super strength. The strength equivalent to a superhuman
The titan is 100% metallic and can easy be tracted to a magnet


Name: Hell's Angel

Description: Roy turns his quincy cross upside down. Ma him to bear a rubber/metallic made suit

Effects: Allows him to fly
The inside of the helmet has a AI allowing him to utilize his weapons and enemies with excellent perception.
Immune to the temperature in space. Allows for sight through smoke and smog.

Drawback: The suit lasts for 5 posts, Cannot be used for a whole day in RL (Dont plan on to many fights.)

(Think of this one as Iron Man)

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PostSubject: Re: New quincy Powers   Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:41 am

Okay the first one is too powerful. (The titan has super strength. The strength equivalent to a lietenant ranked shinigami) It would be like having a second character fight with you. And also combine that with the ability to merge, and makes it even more insane. I like the idea, but tone it down a little.

Also hell's angel, boosting his speed to quick step speed is a no, that would be like a shinigami, shunpoing constantly, never being visable(cause your moving so fast)

The demon gate is unnecessary, that's what makes shinigami, and arrancar/hollow unique, you can make a gate, like urahara, but no portable portal.

What is super strength?

Having a display of vital data is fine, like power level, physical status(heart rate, fatigue, etc.) but no showing, past conversations, movements, and abilities (besides movement how would you track/discover those anyways)

Tone the golem some, He's meant to be a fighting companion, not a second character

Lower the suits power alot, and give it a drawback to using it, like you have to put it on at home, or something, you can't carry it with you , just think of something.

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New quincy Powers
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