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 Creation of Majin Vernados

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PostSubject: Creation of Majin Vernados    Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:58 am

Name: Majin Vernados "Grandos"
Age: 1 He was just born (more info on that in the History.)
Gender: Male/unknown.
Race: Arrancar
Appearance: Appearance changes, tho originally is shown to be wearing a blue shirt, same colored pants, white gloves and white boots. Has brown hair that sticks up, and oh his chest there remains a kind of shell, the looks like a mask. Always has an angry/evil expression, and on his eye there is a strange looking white eye piece which is the remains of his hollow mask. Also has strange pads on his shoulders and around his thighs.
Personality: Arrogant. Believes he is the strongest Arrancar. Doesn't follow any orders and wants to become a Privaron Espada. Wants to find and kill enemies stronger than himself.
History: Originally a Gillian, he was absorbed by a strange hollow, and evolved into an Adjushas. After absorbing everyone whom he called weaker than himself, encountered an alien like being and after absorbing it evolved into his current state. After his final evolution, decided that he was 1 year old, due to him not being able to decide his actual age from previously absorbed beings.
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PostSubject: Re: Creation of Majin Vernados    Tue Aug 02, 2011 8:15 am


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Creation of Majin Vernados
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