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 Shinra Banshou

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PostSubject: Shinra Banshou   Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:45 pm

Zampakuto's name:

Kobato's Zanpakuto's name is Shinra Banshou (Shinra in Shikai but Shinra Banshou in Bankai.)

Zampakuto Spirit:

His Zanpakuto's spirit is a beautiful female with silver eyes and a very slim body. She's about 2 inches shorter than Kobato and Taison. She is very pale and stronger than she looks. Her name is Shinra. She weighs about 130 pounds, but that's mostly her height. She wears the sort of Gothic attire with black nails and black clothes (shirts, pants, etc.). She has one lip piercing on her lip and she wears black eye liner.

She disagrees with the way Kobato and Taison act hence the evermore growing influence she has over Kobato. Taison on the other hand is hard headed. She believes in love and compassion and that everyone should be treated with the same respect as others.

She hates cocky people because she thinks that it is foolish to be cocky and wastes time from your current objective because cocky people seem to drag things on. She hates when people talk and talk and talk, but don't even know what they're talking about. Thickheaded people basically. She doesn't like to beat around the bush, she just wants to cut to the chase and get it over with.

Her inner world is a volcano with a steep ledge and sharp rocky edges. It's full of smoke and fire (it's a volcano duh), but has never erupted. Their are parts of the volcano where there isn't any fire though. Spots to relax in like caves, but there are only about 2 or 3.

Un-released Zampakuto's Appearance:

His Zanpakuto in its un-released form is its regular steely kind of color with a black Chinese dragon emblazoned along the flat part of it which symbolizes the fire based attacks he uses. The hilt of his Zanpakuto is blue.

Shikai Release phrase::

"Scorch to cinders Shinra!!"

Shikai Appearance::

When his Shikai is activated, his Zanpakuto burns white hot and blue flames slowly lick at the tip of the blade. These blue flames are very hot, but can be put out. It would take a lot of water though. But when they are put out it takes 3 posts to get them back.

Shikai Abilities::

"Burn in flames, let no one escape!"

Power: When he twirls his Zanpakuto in a circle, he will slowly make a ring of fire around him and his opponent. Kobato stands in the middle of the ring and his opponent on the other side of him. This ring is 10ft in diameter and can be expanded.

Suicide: He will close the ring on himself and his opponent to burn them from head to toe. This fire is very hot, so it usually hurt its victims very much. If you are someone of a higher tier it'll hurt you less and also if you have a high tolerance for heat.

Offensive: He will make the ring then try and jump out of it. Then he closes it on his opponent to burn them. The ring can be expanded to fit more people, but it will drain more of his reiatsu. Since the ring slowly forms it gives Kobato a 2 post chance at escaping as it does any other person.

Limitations: This attack drains 20% of reiatsu because it is a very strong attack. He usually uses it once in a battle in order to finish off his opponents. Expanding the ring by a meter on all sides drains 10% more reiatsu. This ring takes 2 posts to fully form and when it's formed it's possible to escape, but is very difficult. When the attack is finished the flames die out rather quickly, but the dust in the air clears in 1 post.

He can also shoot flames from his blade. Like fire balls. They're about the size of baseballs, and tend not to be very strong. The stronger he makes them the more reiatsu it drains. The more reiatsu he uses will make them stronger and larger.

Limitations: This attack drains about 5% of his reiatsu, but he can also make them stronger, depending on how strong he makes them more reiatsu will be drained.

He can only shoot 3 at a time and they travel about 5 meters. They tend to be fast because of their size, but the more power put into it the slower the fire balls will be.

Bankai Description:

The flames around Kobato's blade grow even bigger.

Bankai Abilities:

Kobato gains the ability to make fire blasts shaped like Chinese Dragons. When he uses his ability, the chinese dragons on his blade and his tattoos start to give off a glow.

Inner Hollow

Hollow Mask:

His hollow mask resembles a Wolf in its structure, but is different in many ways. It has one big horn protruding from its forehead. Kobato's eyes turn a brilliant shade of gold when he puts it on. The mask is white with a thick black streak going down the middle of the mask. It doesn't have a snout, but it does have the short pointy ears and the fangs.

When Kobato puts this mask on, his voice becomes slightly deeper and a little slurred.

Inner Hollow:

His inner hollow is an exact mirror of himself. Except that it has a hole right near its throat. His eyes are a slight shade darker than Kobato's, but other than that they are the same. They act the same and look the same. his name is Taison.

He is very stubborn and when he puts his mind to something it takes a lot to sway from it. He has a very deep voice and likes to criticize the way Kobato fights, but has stopped doing it seeing that Kobato will not stop and listen to him.

Hollow Powers:

He gains the ability to fire cero from his fingers.

"Burn away my conflict!"

Power: He gains the ability to manipulate and control fire freely.Picture a flame thrower and how fire will just spray out if you use it.That is how his technique works except that he can choose how far toextend it, but the farther he extends it the more reiatsu he uses up.He uses his hands to fire it out, no Zanpakuto necessary.

Limitations: This technique uses up 10% of his reiatsu which limits itsuses. This technique can be used for 5 posts. If he uses two hands hisattack becomes stronger, but doesn't change the fact that it is weak towater, as is all fire. His attack can also be nullified by other fireattacks because well fire can't beat fire.

Melee: He can addhis fire elements attacks to increase his melee damage and also burnhis foe. The fire doesn't cover his whole arm though, it only covershis feet and fists which mean he has to be careful with his attacks andnot be reckless or else he might get countered.

Limitations:His attacks with this technique doesn't take up a whole bunch ofreiatsu and it only lasts as long as he uses it. (He can use itwhenever he wants, but if he doesn't have any reiatsu he can't uses it.It doesn't drain reiatsu while he isn't using it though.) Thistechnique doesn't amplify his strength, all it does is add fire to hismelee attacks.

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PostSubject: Re: Shinra Banshou   Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:50 am

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Shinra Banshou
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