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 Yuko, Yoko

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PostSubject: Yuko, Yoko   Thu Jul 21, 2011 5:34 pm

Name: Yuko, Yoko(Helpful Child, Honored Child)
Age: 200(looks 15)
Gender: Female
Race: Arrancar

Appearance: Yoko is a slim, fit, and well toned pale arrancar with two white horns on her head and her outfit is very revealing only in some parts. Yoko looks like a 15 year old girl but really she is 200 years old. Also Yoko happens to be Succubus' twin sister who died a few days after Succubus due to grief and guilt because she was in her father's car when the crash happened.
Personality: Yoko is sweet and kind. She is the sweetest and most kindest arrancar anyone will ever meet along with her twin sister, Succubus. She is soft hearted and she hates seeing people getting hurt.
History: Yoko used to be a normal human. Well if you call a girl who can see ghosts normal that is. She had a rough childhood. Always being picked on for her gift and her odd colored eyes. Her oddness however made her a target for hollows. She was killed by grief and guilt from her sister's death. Their father said he would do anything to bring them back. Their father believed that they were haunting him until his death where he finally was able to see his daughters. But then he was eaten by his guilt. He turned into a hollow. The very hollow that turned Succu and Yoko into hollows as well. Then she roamed the hollow world killing and eating others. She wanted to kill to fill the hole in her chest. Her hollow hole. When Aizen found her she was trapped in another Hollow's web. He then used the Hōgyoku to turn her into an arrancar. She was then given #26. Why did this number cause her pain? It was the anaversery date of her death. She is unlucky just like her twin Succubus. Her hollow form was that of a cow and deer combination. Body of a deer, tail of a cow, and head of a cow/deer combination. But now... She is nothing but a rogue arrancar. Wanting to help the soul reapers.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuko, Yoko   Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:52 pm

Approved.! It seems as if im the only arrancar. Thats bad

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Yuko, Yoko
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