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 Roy Drakes

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PostSubject: Roy Drakes    Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:58 pm

Zanpakuto Profile


Zanpakutou Name: Alucard
Sealed Appearance:
Spirit Manifestation:
Spirit Realm:
Elemental Properties: No Elemental Properties

Shikai Release Command: Violate every part of their being
Shikai Released Appearance:
Overall Shikai Strength: Extremely strong in the Soul Society due to its Dimensional creation and teleportation abilities. Dimensional Teleportation and Creation. Very adaptable.

Overall Shikai Weakness: Weakened due to the atmospheric thickness of the Real World. No actual Elemental property

Additional Details (Optional):
False Name Release Command: Open you many Eyes Limbo
Ability: One of the swords many eyes open and its wielder is able to teleport the sword in and out of his sheath and changes its positioning in hand by teleportation.
Weakness: Drakeshas fully mastered this ability yet he can only use it for four posts and then the eye on his sword blinks and he is unable to use it for one post.
Shikai Abilities

Passive Ability # 1: Enhanced Precision and Strength
Strength: When wielder shouts the words “Play with me!!!” Wielder is able to pin point attacks and strengthen each attack.
Weakness: Wielder loses reiryoku.

Passive Ability # 2: Doppler Gangers
Strength: By taking large amounts of reishi and corrupting it with small amounts of the wielders reaitsu. Wielder can manifest Doppler Gangers that can physically attack opponents, being controlled by the Wielders mind.
Weakness: In order to use ability Nemesis must be sheathed in its scabbard.

Active Ability #1: Rapid Dimension
Strength: Unlike any other Shikai, the wielder can create dimensional pockets as large as he wants in rapid succession. By doing so the Wielder can easily deal with blast attacks and Kidou spells reasonably well by simply opening an alternate dimension. But the blast and or Kidou spell isn’t dissipated instantaneously instead it is continuing through the dimension, the wielder can than open a new dimension portal and sends the attack back at his enemy. The ability can also be used to hide or move objects and people.
Weakness: The wielder can control space not time so the Kidou or blast does dissipate so in order to make the attack more powerful the wielder can add his own reaitsu to the blast or Kidou.

Active Ability #2: Blind Revenge Thousand Fold
Strength: Distortions are created when the wielder impales him in the hand with the sword; thousands of distortions appear surrounding the wielder and the enemy. The enemy is put at a great disadvantage because the wielder can now attack from a distance using the distortions as portals to send Kidou attacks or sword attacks through the portals and the enemy will receive them through the distortions that surround him/her.
Weakness: The portals on the enemy(s) can also send attacks through them, but the wielder can control which portal the attack comes through. This ability is ten times as effective when opponent is restrained.

Shinigami Skills

Hohou (Shunpo): Drake is training to master this technique as hard as he can. At this point he is advanced in the technique of Hohou. He wishes to master the art so as to where he seems to have instantaneous teleportation. His current skill is unmatched by seats lower than him.

Zanjutsu: Although Drake is very skilled with the sword he doesn’t prefer to rely on it as a combative weaponry option. He whether prefers the technology he creates. Drake has modified his current sword to have another sword like weapon housed in the handle of the sword for easy dispatching of the concealed weapon. Along with that a small jar of sorts filled with a disorienting powder is also stored in the handle.

Hakuda: Drakes strongly prefers hand to hand over anything else because the physical aspect mediates Rubiks. Coming into contact with another’s body sends flows of Drakes reaitsu throughout his body, he is at best intermediate and much better than any other with this technique.

Kidou: Drake has mastered the lower spells and can almost not even need the incantations for the lowest of spells he has begun strenuous measures to perfect his new form of kidou called the liberated body technique which allows one to extend his others limbs in battle. Has grown very good at the skill set, Drake still aspires to be a Kidou master.
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PostSubject: Re: Roy Drakes    Fri Jun 24, 2011 2:51 pm

first off, you need to follow the application http://endofsouls.darkbb.com/t7-ability-application , you also need to have your stats added in, in place of the "shinigami skills" You can comment on certain proficiencies you have, but not, having "mastered" them all.

Second, I don't really like the idea of creating dimensional portals. It is easily abused, and can be too powerful, for the cost. I might allow one portal at a time, (like the one mod soul Noba) but otherwise no.

You might explain the ability in more detail (like the "science" behind it). And also use it in a short Rp sample, so I can see how you would use it.

Other than that it looks interesting, You need to follow the app, and tweak some stuff, and then ask again, and we'll see.

Also, do you want Bankai? and if so yo need to add that in. You don't have to start with it, but you can if you want.

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Roy Drakes
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