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 Search For DoxxÉ

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PostSubject: Search For DoxxÉ   Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:03 pm

Emanuel knew the story. After all, his master told it to him every day when he began training. "The First Hollow to be created was DoxxÉ. It created Hueco Mundo. It created other Hollows like itself. Then, it created a Hollow which it called it's "Son." It then created souls, to be absorbed by Hollows as food, but it's brethren - fearing that DoxxÉ would create beings superior to themselves - split him into five weaker hollows, and sealed his body. Whoever finds all five weak hollows, and performs the rejuvenating ritual will rule the world." And now, Emanuel was given a mission. To stop the Espada from finding the five weak hollows.
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Search For DoxxÉ
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