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 Sandra Von-Draegon

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PostSubject: Sandra Von-Draegon   Sun May 22, 2011 1:31 am

Name: Sandra Von-Draegon

Division: 4th

Age: 690 (Looks 16)

Gender: Female

Race: Shinigami

Appearance: She has beautiful deep brown hair which is always going down her back. Here is an accurate(?) picture of her Gigai. Sandra Von-Draegon When out of it, the only difference is that she wears a Shihakusho.

Personality: She is a normally fun-loving person who will pass off a couple jokes to lighten the mood of a serious meeting or something along those lines. She enjoys sitting around doing nothing, being lazy in general, playing games, and walking around in the world of the living. She dislikes most stuck-up people, such as the nobles, and hates anyone who would even threaten anyone she cares for. She is quick to jump to conclusions, but only if it's something unimportant. She hates Hollows but she likes the Arrancar (The idea of Hollowfication, not those that are Arrancar) because it's giving the beasts that were once human another chance at life. She dislikes disloyalty, but is willing to give almost anyone a second chance, even if they betray her (This doesn't go to the extreme sense, as she wouldn't do this for people like Aizen and such).

History (Part 1): Sandra was a normal girl who lived an uneventful human life until she noticed someone laying on the ground bleeding on her 16th birthday. She had charged towards him to see if he was alright.

RP Sample: She saw this man bleeding on the ground and asked "Are you alright?" and the man whispered in a pained voice "Run girl, before it comes back." and started to cough up blood. She then felt something. It wasn't normal. She turned around to see the the air shifting as if space itself was twisting in order to hide something... "What... What in the world is that?" asked Sandra in a terrified voice. The man stood up to say "Run now girl, I will stall it." and then charged straight at it. Sandra was scared into place as she said "This power... It's not human..." she closed her eyes and heard something in her head say Come on Sandra, you can't leave him to die! That thing will kill him! Call me out! "I can't." and as Sandra said this, the man was thrown back towards Sandra, knocked unconscious. She picked up the man's sword and said "Stay back!" but it kept moving forward. She closed her eyes as she felt like she was going to die, until she said a word she had never heard before. "Zanpakuto." and she opened them to see the sword changed and the demon had stopped. She held beautiful katana with a fiery red ribbon on the bottom. She held out the blade and charged to try and destroy this monster. In mid-run, she started to see what it truly was, and froze. "What is..." and it said in a sickeningly wet voice "Come now girl, you look utterly... Delicious..." and Sandra couldn't move as this thing inched closer and closer. She then felt something in her back as a new power flowed through her and there was a large flash of light. She now had donned the same robes as the man who she had failed to save as the demon said "Another Soul Reaper!?!" she held out her arm as she said "Rip him asunder." and charged at it, cutting it in half. The demon then turned around for one last thing. As it was disintegrating, it struck out at the fallen man, and Sandra screamed "No!" as she leaped into the way to protect him. She felt it stab her and felt herself pass out as the tendril disintegrated... She then woke up to see the man she saved standing above her with his Zanpakuto and said "I am truly sorry miss... I couldn't save you." and then placed the hilt of his blade on her head as she passed out once more...

History (Part 2): She awoke inside of a place that seemed like that of a ancient Japanese Samurai movie. She looked around and then asked outloud "Where am I?" She was then told she was in Rukongai and she learned everything she could in the next 9 years. After 9 years in the 78th district Inuzuri, she was found by a Shinigami who was surprised by her incredibly high Reiatsu reserves and had her put into the Shinigami Academy. She graduated a few years later and joined the 4th squad.

I feel this is a little short...

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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Von-Draegon   Wed May 25, 2011 4:34 pm

you can't start out with a specific rank in your app, but if you go and register in the gotei13 page, I can get you a spot there.


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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Von-Draegon   Wed May 25, 2011 5:22 pm

Nan it's Ok I wanted to start at low rank
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PostSubject: Re: Sandra Von-Draegon   

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Sandra Von-Draegon
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