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 Dimitrius Vega

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PostSubject: Dimitrius Vega   Thu May 12, 2011 8:30 pm

Name: Dimitrius Vaga

Age:120 Soul Age, looks 25

Gender: Male

Race: Vizard

Appearance:He's about 5'9 muscular build, he is a magnificently handsome Guy. Green eye eyes. Silver medium lenth hair. Black leather coat, Half unzipped. Leather pants with a bunch of belts down the side. Studded red leather gloves and a cross choker

Personality:He does what he wants when he wants to. he will snap if someone gets in his way he has a short fuse. He knows that he isn't the best fighter but will fight anyone. He is rude and doesn't care what people have gone through. he is strong willed and doesn't quit easy. He has one flaw though he tries hit on any girl he encounters. He is very jealous of people.
He likes to be the center of attention, causing problems, fighting , to be surrounded by a lot of people or be sitting and thinking.
he hates those who are better looking than him, ignorant people, and Hollows, Arrancar, shinigami, any other spirit entity but himself. He will protect people if they have no way of protecting themselves though he has the weakness of seeing people in a weakened state.

History: He doesn't remember much of his life except that he was always good looking. He always fought with everyone. His family was that and foster parents. He died in a fight someone pulled out a gun and shot him in the throat. After that he went to become a Shinigami in the soul society. He though his skills in Kidou, and fighting where the highest in the class he never was in a seated rank so he left the Soul society for the human world and just fought hollows to train. One day he was fighting three Gillian and was overwhelmed by them. He then realized he had a hollow spirit inside himself this spirit is a vile being sought only to kill what ever is in its path. He trained and eventually harnessed this power but after many years he finally mastered it.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimitrius Vega   Fri May 13, 2011 5:59 am

Approved and stats go under your abilities

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PostSubject: Re: Dimitrius Vega   Fri May 13, 2011 8:28 am

Those are 1st chars stats, For Shi not Dimitrius
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PostSubject: Re: Dimitrius Vega   

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Dimitrius Vega
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